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Austria will help Austrian Holocaust survivors with medical treatment

Friday, February 1, 2008
Austria will help Austrian Holocaust survivors with medical treatmentThe Austrian government will allocate 2 million euros a year for the survivors

"The Association of Central European Immigrants welcomes the achievement of the Claims Conference that will enable Austrian Holocaust survivors, most of not all of whom are elderly, to get financing for various types of medical treatments," said on Friday Dvora Haberfeld, the organization's director in a conversation with Makor Rishon.

Following lengthy discussions with the Claims Conference and prolonged delays, the Austrian government has consented to help Austrian Holocaust survivors who need various medical treatments beyond the hospitalization and so forth that are covered by the State and health care funds. The Austrian government will allocate some €2 million a year to cover the treatments.

Julius Berman, chairman of the Claims Conference, said: "Very few Jews managed to survivor the Holocaust in Austria. These survivors, who live all over the world, are now very old."

According to the Claim Conference's estimates there are today some 16,000 Austrian Holocaust survivors, most of whom are considered needy. Some 2,600 survivors live in Israel while the rest live mainly in the United States, Britain, and South America.

"Widows and widowers will also get the aid"
The Claims Conference will distribute these special aid funds to local organizations that provide social services, dental care, hearing aids, and glasses and will not pay the survivors directly. In Israel the aid will be provided by the Association of Central European Immigrants, on 15 Rambam St., Tel Aviv.

Haberfeld noted that widows and widowers of Austrian survivors, if they are not Austrian themselves, could receive this special aid.

Moshe Jahoda, himself an Austrian Holocaust survivor, headed the negotiations on behalf of the Claims Conference's Committee for Jewish Claims Against Austria. According to him, "the older the Holocaust survivors get, the greater their social and medical needs."