About us

The Association of Israelis of Central European Origin (AICEO) was established in 1932 during the Fifth Aliyah. Since then, it has continued to work for the benefit of Olim from the German-speaking countries of Central Europe— Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Switzerland—and their descendants: The AICEO is a voluntary organization with a liberal and humanistic outlook and is led by the second and third generations of its founders. AICEO members have the right to vote for different organizational bodies such as the presidium, the finance committee, the program and heritage committee, etc.

The AICEO has operated continuously over eight decades, remaining loyal to its core values alongside ongoing renewal and tailoring its activities to the Israeli reality and the changing needs.

AICEO – Main Activities

The AICEO runs branches in the three major cities. These branches are centers of social and cultural activity, such as classes, excursions and lectures for all ages, in which thousands of members and guests participate each year. The activities include volunteer projects such as a hotline to locate members in need of aid and contact with professional authorities and voluntary organizations.

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The Association of Israelis of Central European Origin